Our Brand

After a continuous fifteen-year journey in the fast-paced realms of management consulting company and investment banking, I found myself in a relentless pursuit of life's true meaning. Despite the whirlwind of everyday tasks, inner restlessness had taken hold, and my heart yearned for something more. It was at this moment that I decided to embark on a transformative journey to the heart of India to explore the profound practice of yoga.

Through yoga and meditation, I reconnected with my inner self, discovering a sense of peace and tranquility that had long eluded me. Returning from India, I felt compelled to create Shantiaya, a fine pearl jewellery brand. The name 'Shantiaya' itself is derived from the sacred Sanskrit word 'Shanti,' symbolizing 'peace' and 'tranquility.' It's a brand born from my passion for pearl jewelry, a symbol of my personal journey.

Based in the heart of London, England, Shantiaya brings you a collection of fine jewellery meticulously crafted with exquisite freshwater pearls, Swarovski pearls, 18k gold-filled/plated, and 925 silver. Shantiaya is not just about jewellery; it's about carrying a piece of tranquility with you, wherever you go. Each jewellery holds the essence of 'Shanti,' offering a gateway to inner peace and hidden beauty, like an Eden for your soul.

At Shantiaya we create with purpose – by consciously offering meaningful designs, customers can always share and express who and what matters most.